Banks give Victorians new way to buy coffee

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th June 2012

A bank in Victoria is promoting an iPhone app that will allow people to avoid the coffee queue.

The ordering system, named NoQ (“no queue”), has been trialled in Adelaide over the past 12 months, with more than 15,000 people having downloaded the free app. The app has now been officially launched by Bendigo Bank at the well-known Wholesome Bean Café, near the Bank’s Bendigo headquarters.

Adelaide Bank holds a 15% stake in NoQ. Adelaide Bank is also the owner of Bendigo Bank.

The founder of NoQ is Adelaide-based former Adelaide Crows footballer, Brad Moran, who said the innovative app will allow people to avoid queues, save time and enjoy a cash-free purchase.

Mr Moran explained the simplicity of the app. “You just choose what you want to eat or drink, make a secure online payment and then the shop tells you what time to come and pick up your order,” he said.

NoQ has already signed up 140 businesses, including coffee, noodle, pizza and florist



NoQ has plans to expand around Australia. Its market research has shown that 70% of Australians make regular online purchases and 40% of those are made outside of normal business hours. A third of small businesses with online ordering generate more than 25% of their gross sales through the internet.

“Introducing NoQ technology to a business where speed and convenience is important not only enhances customer service and satisfaction but also provides a huge competitive advantage,” Mr Moran said.