Pepsi disappointed by low-calorie version Gatorade setback in U.S.

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th August 2012

Gatorade is marketed as “more than just a sports drink”. The scientifically formulated rehydration beverages are used as a water substitute by many health professionals, athletes and fitness consumers. Gatorade endorses some of the biggest names in the sporting industry, like track and field legend Usain Bolt, 100m world champion of 2012 and Basketball champion Michael Jordan.

It is backed by more than 40 years of scientific research and remains the most researched beverage on the market for athletes and active individuals proving an effective rehydration product.

So when many fitness consumers such as triathletes and distance runners in New York failed to embrace the low-calorie G Series Fit line of Gatorade, it was pulled off the shelves by Pepsi.

Yet it may not be the end for the G Series of the scientifically formulated rehydration beverage. Rather, Gatorade has suggested they may adapt the product along with the packaging and re-introduce it back into the future market.

Gatorade is Pepsi-Co’s fourth largest global brand worth more than $4 billion annually. The G Series fit range was introduced as a low-calorie lightly flavoured drink with a marketing claim that it “maintains hydration more efficiently than water,” and was being pitched at US $6.50 per bottle.

Pepsi-Co’s annual report for year ended 2011 states that the Gatorade G Series would be expanded outside of the U.S. to Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the UK and Australia. Yet in light of the recent lack of consumer response in the US, it will be interesting to see where the product develops internationally.