Fine Food Australia Awards Announced

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th September 2012

The annual Fine Food Australia Festival ran in Melbourne last week over four days, attracting over 1000 local and international exhibitors. Exhibitors from the Fine Food, Food Service and Hospitality industries from around the country participated in the festival to keep abreast of innovative new products and equipment.

A record number of over 250 entries were a part of the New Product Showcase, with food industry excellence being recognized in the five categories including: best new bakery product, best new hospitality equipment product, best new retail product, best new food service product and the People’s Choice award.

Best new hospitality equipment product – Comcater Frima Vario Cooking Centre

Winner of the best new hospitality equipment product, Comcater proved that ten years exhibiting at the Fine Food Australia Festival paid off with their innovative new product, the multi-function FRIMA Vario Cooking Centre.

Best new bakery product – Australian Bakery and Pizza

Rollmatic from Australian Bakery and Pizza took out the best new bakery award with their bread slicer.

Best new food service product – Bulla Dairy Foods, Dollop Cream Portions

Bulla Dairy Foods, impressed the industry with their novel Dollop Cream Portions ideally designed for the take-away and catering market.

Best new retail product – Goodness Superfoods Cereals

Goodness Superfoods Cereals were crowned the best new retail winner, containing the world’s highest fibre wholegrain, which was developed by the CSIRO.

People’s Choice Awards – Australian Beverage Corporation

The People’s Choice award was given to Australian Beverage Corporation  for their release of the WMF 1200S Coffee Machine.

All the winners from the New Product Showcase were presented with a PR and advertising package worth $5000 to further promote their products within the industry.