Tasmanian cherry exports to China

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 27th September 2012

One of Tasmania’s well known cherry farmers, Howard Hansen, is reported to have recently signed a contract to supply a buyer from China with cherries from his Huon Valley farm south of Hobart.

The advantage for Tasmanian suppliers for China-based buyers, or other northern hemisphere customers, is that seasonal produce can be supplied out of season and attract a premium price from consumers.

A similar situation applies to walnuts grown in Tasmania that are marketed by Websters Limited to European countries such as Germany as fresh walnuts at a time when fresh walnuts are not readily available in the northern hemisphere.

Australian Food News recently reported that Websters Limited is operating profitably after pioneering the growing of walnuts in Tasmania, and has now attracted a major supportive investment group.

Also recently reported by Australian Food News is the major investment by the Chinese government entity, China Sovereign Investment Fund, in the Tasmanian dairy industry, with the likelihood of other developments to follow.