Bundaberg Rum campaign re-tells its history

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th October 2012

Diageo’s Bundaberg Rum brand has released a new ‘stuff of legends’ campaign to re-tell the brand’s long standing history in Australia. The multi-platform campaign tells the story of how Bundaberg Rum was developed in 1885 by sugar millers that faced a molasses surplus.

The new campaign features ‘refined gentlemen’ and ‘emphatic declarations’ through print, social media, and television advertisements. The video has already received over 10,000 Youtube views before it is formally released on TV and in cinemas on October 21.

Marketing Director for Diageo, Matt Bruhn said that the new campaign aimed to celebrate the ‘unlikely history’ of rum in Australia in a ‘cheeky way.’

“Instead of a bedraggled quintet of old-timers conceding to rum production in a dilapidated barn, history is rewritten to include refined gentlemen and emphatic declarations,” Diageo said.

Bundaberg Rum is the largest producer of rum in Australia, holding about 80 per cent of the share.