New US vending machines to display calories

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th October 2012

The American Beverage Association, representing Coca Cola Co, PepsiCo Inc and Dr Pepper Snapple Co Inc has announced a roll-out of new vending machines that will display drink calories. The new machines with calorie display are to be incorporated across the United States in early 2013, ahead of US government regulation regarding the display of nutritional information on vending machines.

The  American Beverage Association ‘calorie count’ will be displayed when the button is chosen to select a drink, with a declaration such as ‘Calories Count: Check Then Choose.’ The roll-out of new machines is also said to boost availability to low-calorie and sugar-free drinks available.

The Coca Cola Co vending machine mock-up image shows its vending machine displaying ‘240 calories’ on the drink choice buttons.

In relation to the US government’s ‘health care overhaul,’ the US Supreme Court has ruled that food  and beverage producers with more than 20 locations in their chain or more than 20 branded machines in various locations will be required to post the calorie information.

The new vending machine roll-out follows increased pressure around the world to lower salt and sugar levels in processed foods. As large beverage brands such as Coca Cola Co and PepsiCo set the benchmark in regulation approved vending machines, it can be assumed that similar machines may appear elsewhere around the world.

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