Woolworths app to show cheapest petrol prices

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th October 2012

Woolworths has updated its current mobile phone app to allow consumers to find the cheapest petrol prices out of more than 500 Woolworths and Caltex petrol stations, as well as cheaper prices by rivals within a 3km radius of a Woolworths Limited store.

The “Check and Compare” app feature will be updated every fifteen minutes, with prices continuously checked throughout the day by the Informed Sources service.

Managing Director of Australian Supermarkets and Petrol, Tjeerd Jegen, said the update follows feedback from customers who have expressed that fuel prices are a “red button cost of living issue.”

“We understand the financial pressure many of our customers are under. The cost of living remains a top of mind issue with many feeling like more of their money is going out than is coming in. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously to keep prices low and to help them with their everyday needs,” Mr Jegen said.

According to Woolworths, the new “Check and Compare” feature for fuel prices is said to help customers manage their significant costs “to help make people’s lives just a bit easier.”

The Woolworths App has been warmly received by Woolworths’ customers and has seen 1.95 million downloads to date.

The app appears to have become a de facto substitute for the same idea as a Federal government proposal in 2007 to monitor fuel prices. Concerns continue to be expressed about pricing of petrol and the lack of true choice in choosing a supplier within many areas.