Flavour notes for seafood launched in South Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th December 2012

The aroma and taste of fish, prawns, oysters and other popular Australian seafood items have been given specific “tasting notes” under new research by sensory scientist, Dr Heather Smyth. Various species of seafood will be given a range of 39 detailed flavour descriptions including “iodine zings” and “egg white taste.”

Following the lead of the wine industry, the Australian seafood industry has developed its own taste descriptors for 12 common ocean-products under the guise of Dr Smyth. Dr Smyth, who trained as a wine expert, has profiled South-Australian seafood and compared it with products from interstate and overseas.

The new technology system has been launched as an “Eyre-Peninsula Seafood Tasting Wheel.”

Other descriptions of the system include a Pacific Oyster being described as “plump, bright, creamy with a hint of pink and a dark mantle. Fresh clean ocean with cucumber and fresh fish notes. Very crisp, juicy and bursts-in-mouth. Intensely sweet ocean, salty and savoury with a hint of asparagus. Sweet-savoury lingers.”

A pan-friend Snapper is listed on the Eyre-Peninsula Seafood Tasting Wheel as “moist, pinkish-white, large flakes. Roasted white meat and clean ocean notes. Firm, chewy and juicy. Intensely savoury, roasted with oceanic sweetness that persists.”

The idea to create seafood taste descriptors has originated from Coffin Bay Oyster Farm owner, Lester Marshall, after finding it was hard to “describe the taste” in his seafood master-classes. Mr Marshall was approached by Dr Smyth two years ago to start research into the Seafood Tasting Wheel.

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, which is run in conjunction with the Federal government, funded the study.

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation executive Patrick Horne said that the Eyre-Peninsula Seafood Tasting Wheel will provide much-required information to its Chinese customers.

Australian seafood will be given "flavour notes" under the Eyre-Peninsula Seafood Tasting Wheel.