Researchers predict the rise of resveratrol in food and beverages

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th December 2012

US-based Innova Market Insights has revealed the growing presence of the antioxidant, resveratrol, in food and beverage products.

Following other popular food trends such as the addition of acai berry and spirulina, Innova Market Insights believe that resveratrol could be “the next big thing.”

The market research company has linked the “powerful antixodiant” to anti-aging, cancer prevention, cardiovascular health and healthy inflammatory processes, and believes that it will soon appear in the mainstream added into products such as confectionary, snacks and beverages.

Resveratrol occurs naturally in peanuts, mulberries, grapes and red wine. Awareness of resveratrol and its potential health benefits is relatively long-established, but with increasing consumer interest in health, Innova Market Insights believe it is moving into the mainstream.

Innova Market Insights recorded global launches of food and drinks products containing resveratrol for a number of years, with numbers rising consistently between 2000 and 2010.This was particularly so in the US, where interest was boosted by introduction of a number of branded resveratrol ingredient blends.

Innova Market Insights Research Manager Lu Ann Williams said that while products containing resveratrol remain relatively limited, there are indications that this may be set to change.

“With higher levels of interest in the US and perhaps the emergence of a similar trend in Europe. In the wake of EU Novel Foods approval for Fluxome Resveratrol through the substantial equivalence process in early 2012, [it is] clearing the way for its use as an ingredient,” Ms Williams said.

Other 2012 launches have focused on supplement and sports product launches across a number of countries, plus products marketed on their naturally high levels of resveratrol. These have included packs of peanuts in Malaysia and peanut cookies in the Philippines.  This followed the launch of a peanut butter in South Africa in 2011.