Supermarket guru Lempert presents the supermarket trends for 2013

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th December 2012

Supermarket consultant and trend-spotter Phil Lempert has released his top predictions for 2013 supermarket trends in the US.

These trends presented at his website, are as follows:

Mini-meals and portioning: According to Lempert, restaurants, food manufacturers and bakeries are making it easier to keep portion size in check by offering “small plates” and appetizers, along with pre-portioned packaged food.

Men doing the grocery shopping: Lempert predicts that US grocery stores will be seeking to cater for  more men who will be doing the grocery shopping.

Meatless protein: As prices of beef and chicken rise, Lempert predicts that consumers will turn towards tofu, eggs, legumes and beans as a way of gaining protein without meat.

Frozen food: Lempert says that consumers will lean towards frozen foods in 2013 as they are quicker but equally nutritious as they are packaged fresh.

Supermarkets catering to Millenials and Baby Boomers: Those born between 1982 – 2001 are expected to make up a fifth of the population by 2020. Lempert predicts that supermarkets will cater to these Millenials by providing flavourful and ethically diverse foods. Baby Boomers will also be catered for according to Lempert, as supermarkets focus on nutrition and health eating which is seen as a top priority for the Baby Boomer generation.

Smart phone shopping: As technology changes, Lempert predicts that more consumers will increasingly begin to use smart phones and tablets for researching food prices and buying food in 2013.

Breakfast remains the most important meal: Lempert predicts that food producers will begin creating more breakfast products, as consumers are focusing on finding “the most nutritious breakfast.”

Packaging claims proliferate: In 2013, supermarkets and nutritionists are expected to take on “gatekeeper” roles to demand greater proof of health claims as products increasingly claim “natural” and “free from” qualities.