Consuming too much sugar whilst pregnant could cause allergies in child

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th July 2017

Consuming too much sugar whilst pregnant could increase the risk of allergies and allergic asthma a UK study has found.

Until now, there has only been reported links between children eating high amounts of sugar and the development of asthma.

According to the research, out of the mothers studied, when comparing the 20 per cent with the highest sugar intake against the 20 per cent with the lowest, there was a 38 per cent increased risk that the children whose mothers consumed the higher amounts of sugar would have an allergy. There was also 101 per cent increased risk for allergic asthma in these children.

Lead researcher, Sief Shaheen, said it currently cannot be concluded with certainty that mothers who consume lots of sugar could increase their child’s risk of developing allergies or allergic asthma, but that it is something which needs further investigation.

“The first step is to see whether we can replicate these findings in a different cohort of mothers and children,”” Professor Shaheen said.

“If we can, then we will design a trial to test whether we can prevent childhood allergy and allergic asthma by reducing the consumption of sugar by mothers during pregnancy,” he stated.

Professor Shaheen said in the meantime he recommends those who are pregnant follow current guidelines to avoid excessive sugar consumption.

The study is published in volume 50, issue one of the European Respiratory Journal.


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