King Oscar re-launched in Australia by Manassen

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th December 2012

The King Oscar brand is celebrating its first 100 years in Australia with a re-launch of the brand by the importer Manassen Foods.

The new campaign mentions the story of the production of “the smallest sardine species of them all” and describes how the company has been catching North Sea Brislings since 1902, and began exporting them to Australia in 1913.

“Since then they have consistently delivered the premium quality that first caused King Oscar II to lend his name and portrait to the brand,” a media release of the company says.

The campaign says that “as Australian consumers become increasingly concerned about the source of their food, they can rest assured about the purity of the King Oscar label”.



The media release says “King Oscar only use the remarkably tiny and tender brisling caught wild in pristine waters off the Norwegian fjords and the North Sea, and harvested at maturity for peak quality. They are lightly oak-wood smoked, which gives them their unique mild taste.

“King Oscar sardines are carefully packed by hand to preserve their delicate quality and texture, until ready to be consumed.

“Not only do they consistently deliver great taste, they are nutritional too – naturally rich in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and high in protein.

“King Oscar sardines come in top-grade extra virgin olive oil, soybean oil and in a variety of delicious gourmet sauces. They’re perfect for appetisers at any function, and for all the family in salads, pasta, sandwiches or sushi or just as a snack on toast.


The media release says “Sardines are a top source of high-quality protein, vitamins including B12 and D, and minerals including bone-boosting calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorous, potassium, selenium and magnesium.

The media release says “Fish is recognized as being good for your heart, muscles, brain, joints and skin. Eaten as part of a healthy diet, sardines may assist in learning, development and behaviour, and with memory, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease”.



The campaign promotion says “People are more aware now too of the environmental impact of food production. King Oscar sardines are world standard in regards to carbon footprint impact, and are one of the most energy-efficient proteins to come from the sea”.