Australian Anti-dumping investigation of Thai imports

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th February 2013

An Anti-dumping review by the Australian government is investigating certain Thai imports.

In particular, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is investigating alleged dumping of pineapple for both the retail consumer sector and the  food service sector.

The Anti-dumping laws in Australia aim to prevent countries exporting any product to Australia at below “normal price.”

Interested parties have until 7 March 2013 to lodge written submissions concerning the current variable factors (normal value and export price) of pineapple prepared or preserved and imported from Thailand.

The Anti-dumping reviews were sought by an Australian-based pineapple exporting company on the basis that the ‘normal price’ level for Thai pineapples appeared to have been set during a period of flooding in Thailand, and normal prices therefore may have been distorted.

A final report and recommendation to the Australian government will be made on or before 23 May 2013.

In Australia, HJ Heinz-owned Golden Circle brand holds 77.6 per cent of the shelf-stable pineapple market.