Coles campaign on in-store bread supports Redkite

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th February 2013

Coles Supermarkets have announced a new partnership with Australian cancer charity Redkite to generate $5 million in 2013 through the sale of its store-branded bread.

Coles has announced it will donate five cents to Redkite for every loaf of Coles Brand and Coles Smart Buy bread sold in the year.

Redkite is a national charity that supports children and young people with cancer and their families. According to Redkite, there are approximately 11,000 children and young people in Australia who live with cancer, with an additional four children or young people diagnosed daily.

Coles Managing Director Ian McLeod said that Coles is “thrilled” to be using its resources to help Redkite.

The Coles and Redkite campaign was pushed for Australia Day with a promotion that urged Australians to use Coles Brand bread for their Australia Day barbeques.

Flybuys members will be able to donate their points to Redkite. The minimum donation is 1,000 points which is equal to $5. This donation can be activated via the website or flybuys service centre (13 1116).


Coles will donate 5c from every loaf of Coles Brand bread sold in 2013 to raise money for Redkite.