Uncle Tobys makes a claim about the Health Claims Standard

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th February 2013

Uncle Tobys has declared that all its breakfast cereals “meet the nutrition requirements of a new Government food standard.”

Uncle Tobys claims its cereals are “the first of the top three breakfast cereal ranges in Australia to fully comply” with the new Standard for Nutrition, Health and Related Claims, which became law on 18 January, 2013.

Uncle Tobys Nutrition Manager Nilani Sritharan said recipe changes mean the Uncle Tobys range is now using 67 tonnes less sugar and 2.5 tonnes less sodium, while adding 193 tonnes more whole grain and 13 tonnes more fibre each year.

“Today, we can commit to consumers that the entire range of Uncle Tobys cereals meets the nutrition eligibility criteria of the new standard, meaning that every one of our 44 cereals can carry a health claim,” Ms Sritharan said.

Uncle Tobys was acquired by Nestle Australia in 2006, and includes Uncle Tobys Plus, Uncle Tobys Vita Brits and Uncle Tobys Muesli among other cereals in the Uncle Tobys range.

The announcement culminates what Uncle Tobys said was a five year program to reduce saturated fat, sugar and sodium across the Uncle Tobys range while increasing wholegrain and fibre.

Uncle Tobys believe all 44 of its cereals pass the Health Claims Standard.