Most Australian vitamins sold from pharmacies, not supermarkets

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th February 2013

Nearly half of all adult Australians have bought vitamin supplements in the last six months, according to the latest research by Roy Morgan.

A pharmacy is very clearly the preferred place to buy vitamins – nearly half the people who bought vitamins in the last six months did so in a pharmacy, compared to one in three from a supermarket and only one in eight from a health food store.

According to information gathered by Neilsen, vitamin supplements are a growing market. In 2012, the vitamin market grew 9.6 per cent over 2011 figures.

The vitamin market is dominated by four major players: Bayer, Sanofi, Blackmores and Swisse.

According to Neilsen market research published by Retail World in 2012, the specific market share of the vitamin segment of health foods sold in supermarkets were Bayer 23.7  per cent, Sanofi 19.9 per cent, Blackmores 19 per cent, and Swisse 16.6 per cent. Other players with a significantly lower share of the market in 2012 were Pfizer, Pharmacare and Sigma.