Frosty Boy introduces probiotic and prebiotic frozen yoghurts

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th April 2013

Australian dairy and dessert manufacturer Frosty Boy Australia has announced it will launch three new premium frozen yoghurt blends in mid-April 2013.

The three new products, called the ‘Monalisa Mild’, ‘Monalisa PO’ and ‘Monalisa O’, will all contain both prebiotic and probiotic fibres.

Probiotic live cultures are beneficial to the digestive system, said Frosty Boy Australia. Prebiotics are indigestible, but these carbohydrates help to stimulate the growth of the beneficial probiotics.

“The inclusion of both prebiotic and probiotic fibres to our premium brands allows us to offer an even healthier option,” said Dirk Pretorius, Frosty Boy Australia CEO. “As we understand, these are the only frozen yoghurt products in the Australian marketplace that include both cultures,” he added.

Frosty Boy Australia said the ‘Monalisa Mild’ product will have a ‘rich and creamy’ taste, with only a mild tartness, and would be suitable with fruit, chococlate, coffee, biscuits or other flavours. Both the ‘Monalisa PO’ and the ‘Monalisa O’ products will be suitable to pair with fruit flavours, and the ‘Monalisa O’ product will have a light texture, said the Company.

The three new products will become part of the existing range of over 25 frozen yoghurt blends. Frosty Boy Australia distributes the products to both domestic and international markets.