Beetroot juice ‘stamina boost’ shots launched in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th July 2013

Fruit and vegetable juice brand Beet It Organic have launched a new concentrated beetroot drink in Australia.

Beet It Organic, a brand manufactured by Suffolk-based beverage company James White Drinks Company, contains beetroot and lemon juice and is distributed in Australia by Trialia Foods.

Trialia Foods says the Beet It Organic drink contains a high dietary intake of Nitric Oxide, which is found in beetroot.  The Company said the drink is “the world’s first organic shot proven to lower blood pressure and improve performance and stamina”, citing a recent study on the health benefits of beetroot.

“Australians are increasingly aware of the importance of good health and wellbeing, which is what Beet It is all about – a drink that tastes great and offers amazing health benefits,” said Ronnie Joss, founder of Trialia Foods.

“Many people rely on caffeine and chemical laced drinks to give them a boost of energy. Beet It offers a convenient, all natural stamina boost with no withdrawal effects or fatigue,” Mr Joss said.

Beet It Organic Shot is available in a 70ml bottle from selected health food stores, Healthy Life and independent grocers at a RRP $3.49.

Irony or opportunity?

It is interesting that an imported beetroot juice product has been launched into the Australian market at a time when Australian beetroot growers are facing difficult market conditions.

Australian farmers and marketers such as Dick Smith Foods have complained that no one in Australia is interested in Australian-grown beetroots. A better question that might be asked is why are Australian beetroot growers not being innovative and developing beetroot juices and beetroot-based Borscht-style soups that have been taking off in other countries?

Beet It Organic stamina shot launches in Australia