Food brands rank high on Australian Trusted Brands list

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th July 2013

Two food product brands, Cadbury and Weet-Bix, have ranked among the top ten Most Trusted Brands in an annual survey conducted by Reader’s Digest, and released late last week.

The survey, which Reader’s Digest has conducted for the last 12 years, asked 3,024 Australians to rate brands in 40 categories on a trust scale of 1-10. Reader’s Digest said the data was post-weighted to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) population estimates, to ensure it was representative of the Australian population.

“Year after year, we find that the key attributes of a trusted brand remain true,” said Reader’s Digest. “A trusted brand ensures its product is easily recognised, reliable and useful,” it said.

Reader’s Digest also said that consumers are “savvy at decoding brand messages and are quick to detect those that suit their lives and lifestyle over those that don’t”.

“In uncertain times, it’s the brands which continue to offer quality and substance that hold our trust,” said Reader’s Digest Editor, Sue Carney. “They have a long history of being steadfast and safe, which makes them a hot property in modern day Australia,” she said.

The top ten Most Trusted Brands in Australia were:

  1. Dettol
  2. Band-Aid
  3. Panadol
  4. Dulux
  5. Colgate
  6. Guide Dogs
  7. Elastoplast
  8. Cadbury
  9. Johnson & Johnson
  10. Weet-Bix

Sanitarium said it was “thrilled” that the Weet-Bix brand made it into the Most Trusted Brands list.

“This award gives us confidence we’re doing the right thing in our communities – which is something we’re really passionate about,” said Daniel Derrick, Sanitarium’s General Manager Marketing.

Iconic Australian Brands

Food brands also made it into the Iconic Australian Brands category, with Vegemite joining Hills Hoist rotary clothesline brand HILLS Innovation and Dick Smith.

Winners in food-related categories were as follows:


Baker’s Delight, Helga’s, Brumby’s.

Breakfast Food

Weet-Bix, Uncle Toby’s, Sanitarium

Coffee Machines

Breville, DeLonghi, Nespresso


Cadbury, Lindt, Nestle


Dairy Farmers’, Streets, Peter’s, Devondale

Fast Food

Subway, McDonald’s, KFC

Frozen Food

Bird’s Eye, McCain, Ingham

Small Kitchen Appliances

Breville, Sunbeam, LG

Sugar Substitutes

Equal, Splenda, Natvia


Woolworths, Coles, IGA


Lipton, Twinings, Dilmah

Vitamins and supplements

Blackmores, Swisse, Nature’s Own, Berocca

Weight Loss Products

Weight Watchers, Lite n’ Easy, Lean Cuisine

Weight Loss Programs

Weight Watchers, Lite n’ Easy, Jenny Craig


Cadbury and Weet-Bix have been named among Australia's Most Trusted Brands