Savoury flavours and seasonings see significant global growth

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th August 2013

The global market for savoury flavours and seasonings in food and drink was worth $8.6 billion in 2012, having grown by $1.9 billion over the last five years, according to the latest findings from market research organisation RTS Resource (RTS).

RTS said the significant growth since 2007 was due to increased consumer demand for convenient food and drink products. Ready meals, cooking sauces and snacks including sandwiches and savoury bites all contributed to the growth in savoury flavours.

Additionally, RTS said there has been a growing trend for stronger and more complex flavours, as well an emergence of savoury flavours in traditionally sweet product categories.

“Savoury flavours are arguably a neglected area of the flavours industry,” said Jamie Rice, RTS Director. “However, the rise of meal kits, gourmet salads and the innovative use of savoury flavours in sweet categories such as ice cream, bakery and soft drinks all point to savoury flavours’ growing importance,” he said.

RTS said success for food manufacturers wanting to tap into the savoury flavours trend would come from “identifying and focusing on categories and markets which will deliver growth”.

Recent creative examples of the use of savoury flavours, according to RTS, include mustard savoury ice cream by Heston from Waitrose (UK), a non-alcoholic herbal martini with bell peppers and tomatoes from Altar (USA) and spinach and feta gluten-free muffins from Muffin Break (UK and Australia).


Savoury flavours increasing in popularity globally