SodaStream launches three new cola flavours in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th August 2013

Home soda making company SodaStream is set to launch three new cola flavours in Australia, which it says will “rival major soft drink brands”.

The new SodaStream cola flavours will be Cola, Diet Cola and Sugar-Free Cola. SodaStream said the colas have been “created with a new flavour base and improved sweetener system”.  The Company claimed that its ‘blind’ taste test trials in the UK showed that “consumers could not indicate a clear difference between SodaStream and popular cola brand Coca-Cola”.

In announcing the launch of the new products, SodaStream also said its new cola flavours “do not contain High Fructose corn syrup” and “contain two thirds less sugar and calories” than major soft drink brand rivals.

“SodaStream offers Australians a smart, 21st century way to enjoy sparkling beverages,” the Company said. “SodaStream takes the bottle out of the equation and, as a result, significantly reduces the number of bottles and cans that go into landfill,” it said.

The new SodaStream cola flavours are now available at selected retailers and online at


New SodaStream Cola flavours