Rockwell Beverage launches new ‘relaxation drink’ range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th October 2013

Melbourne-based beverage manufacturer Rockwell Beverage Company Pty Ltd (Rockwell Beverage) has released a range of sparkling ‘relaxation drinks’, called Everyday Sunday, which it describes as ‘anti-Monday’.

Rockwell Beverage, which was founded by Melbourne-based entrepreneurs Eddie Pereira, Ryan Connolly and Roneel Raju in November 2012, said the Everyday Sunday beverage range is “all-natural” and manufactured in Melbourne.

The key ‘de-stressing ingredients’ in the drinks range includes Passion Flower, Valerian and Chamomile extracts. Everyday Sunday said Rosehip Puree has also been added to the range “to aid in reducing muscle fatigue”.

The carbonated beverage comes in three flavours: Citrus Crush, Tropical Punch and Berry Bliss.

Rockwell Beverage said the beverages came about after reviewing the ‘relaxation drinks’ segment overseas, and finding that the products available “were great at providing a relaxed and drowsy state of mind primarily for sleep aids”, with ingredients such as melatonin. The Company wanted its products to create a “relaxed and focused state”, using “natural” alternatives.

The Everday Sunday range is part of a new trend towards ‘relaxation’ drinks, rather than energy drinks. Australian Food News reported in July 2013 that Queensland-based company Koala Karma had released a new ‘chill out’ drink.

Research from global market research organisation IBISWorld found that the market in the US for ‘relaxation drinks’ was expected to grow at an average annual rate of 24.8 per cent until 2017, and that the potential market for such drinks was “significant”.

The Everyday Sunday product is available in select IGAs and cafes in Victoria and New South Wales.

New 'relaxation drink' range, Everyday Sunday