Liquid breakfast market continues to expand in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th October 2013

Appealing to time-poor Australians who would otherwise skip breakfast and tapping into the growing liquid breakfast market, two new breakfast beverage products from Australian manufacturers have hit the shelves recently.

Manufacturer of foods for allergen-sensitive consumers, Freedom Foods, has launched a liquid breakfast range with two flavours: Cocoa Crush and TropicO’s Banana. Meanwhile, Brisbane based food manufacturer Slim Nation has also released a liquid breakfast range, called ‘Meal in a Bottle’.

Freedom Foods ‘allergy-free’ breakfast beverages

Freedom Foods said its liquid breakfast range will “plug a gap” in the burgeoning snack milk market, by introducing an ‘allergen-free’ option to the category.

“There has been phenomenal growth in this market and we have identified that a lot of parents are begrudgingly buying high sugar liquid snacks for their kids to have throughout the day, including at school,” said Rory Macleod, Freedom Foods Managing Director.

“We know convenience is important, so we have developed a versatile product for the market that not only tastes great but is free from added sugar, gluten and nuts, making it safe for kids to take to school,” Mr Macleod said.

The Cocoa Crush and TropicO’s Banana flavours will both come in 200mL packs.

“Our no added sugar proposition is a first for the liquid breakfast category and will appeal to the one in five Australians who are now following a low sugar diet,” Mr Macleod said. “We’re not really interested in competing directly with the more adult Up+Go market, and instead will opt to provide health-conscious Australian parents and children, some of whom have previously missed out on these products due to their allergies, with a better-for-you way to snack throughout the day,” he said.

The Freedom Foods range will be available exclusively in the Health Food Aisle of Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Brisbane entrepreneur proves liquid food is a lucrative business

Meanwhile, a Brisbane entrepreneur has seen production within his, Slim Nation, grow by 13,000 per cent in its first 12 months, with national distribution of the Company’s liquid breakfast range rolling out to more than 15,000 Australian outlets in October 2013.

Slim Nation will also soon begin exporting its ready-to-drink “Meal in a Bottle” and powder shakes products. The Company said distribution of its products will increase to 700,000 units per month within the next six months to China, the Philippines and Mexico.

The Slim Nation products come in a range of different flavours, including Green Tea Frappe, Dutch Chocolate and Tropical Mango. The Company said it has plans to expand into new nutritional product ranges.

“There has been a phenomenal rise in the Australian liquid food industry, which is forecasted to grow by $1.7 million by 2014,” said Aaron Zamykal, Slim Nation’s Director.

“Twenty-nine per cent of Australians skip breakfast three times a week, 22 per cent skip lunch three times a week and 42 per cent of consumers have no time for breakfast, so the demand for liquid food products in Australia is increasing and our product is the solution,” Mr Zamykal said.

Slim Nation said the online dietary support if offers to consumers has been “integral” in the Company’s rapid expansion.

“Slim Nation employs a team of dietitians who are available for live chat and free advice via the website and Facebook page,” Mr Zamykal said. “We also offer free meal plans on our website, so it is really not just about a product that can serve a need but also providing the adequate support to help time-poor people better understand nutrition,” he said.

Breakfast drinks category

Liquid breakfasts are a growing category in supermarket aisles. While Sanitarium’s Up & Go has ruled the market since its launch 15 years ago, selling more than 34 million litres through supermarkets in the past 12 months, other manufacturers have since entered the battle for shelf space.

According to data from market research organisation Nielsen, published in the ‘Retail World Grocery Guide 2012’, Sanitarium had 100 per cent share of both value and volume in the portable liquid breakfast cereal category in 2012. Brand share was split between Up & Go (95.5 per cent value, 95.4 per cent volume) and Up & Go Vive (4.5 per cent value, 4.6 per cent volume).

One of Freedom Foods new liquid breakfast range flavours