Fonterra launches China-New Zealand dairy exchange centre

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 24th March 2014
Fonterra launches China-New Zealand dairy exchange centre

New Zealand based dairy giant Fonterra has announced the launch of a new China-New Zealand Dairy Exchange Centre in Beijing.

The Centre is a joint initiative between Fonterra and China’s National Dairy Industry and Technology System to support the “sustainable development” of the dairy industry in both countries.

“It is a key priority for Fonterra to contribute to the development of the Chinese dairy industry and we believe there is a lot to be gained by both New Zealand and China through the sharing of knowledge, research and dairy expertise,” said Kelvin Wickham, President of Fonterra Greater China and India.

“Both parties have world-class dairy research and know-how so we are very pleased to be playing a key role in bringing this initiative to life,” Mr Wickham said.

The Centre will develop and oversee programs in policy development in the China and New Zealand dairy sectors, academic exchanges, industry promotion, dairy technology research and personnel training. Its first three initiatives will be:

  1. Hosting an annual China-NZ Dairy Forum to bring researchers together to share research and best practice in key dairy issues

  2. Overseeing joint research by China and New Zealand dairy experts on dairy industry policy and technologies

  3. Implementing a “Golden Key” training program to provide dairy personnel with training and technology solutions to assist China’s local dairy industry development.

“We’re very pleased to have this in-depth co-operation with Fonterra and the New Zealand dairy industry,” said Wang Yuchan, a scientists with the China Ministry of Agriculture’s National Dairy Industry and Technology System.

“We hope to leverage the China New Zealand Dairy Exchange Centre as a platform to learn more about New Zealand’s technology and expertise, jointly conduct research and development, and undertake technology exchanges and training on dairy sector issues,” Mr Yuchan said. “This will help us promote the sustainable development of dairy in both New Zealand and China,” he said.