Australian Brewery re-launches popular Mexican Lager

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th April 2014
The Australian Brewery's Mexican Lager

Australian beer company The Australian Brewery has announced the return of its popular Mexican Lager in Australia.

The Australian Brewery said the Mexican Lager has 20 per cent maize and a small initial hop addition “to keep the bitterness down”, with US Liberty hops added post-fermentation to give the brew a lemony aroma.

“It’s one of our favourites,” said Neal Cameron, Australian Brewery Head Brewer. “And it’s developed a large fan base, so we couldn’t resist putting it back into production,” he said.

The Australian Brewery said the design of the Mexican Lager’s can ensures the beer “cools quicker than a bottle and is a better option for places like parks and beaches where glass is generally not allowed”.

The Australian Brewery, which was built in 2010, is based in Sydney’s North West, where it brews all its beers and cider. The Company said it also sources its ingredients locally from the area. The Australian Brewery said its focus is on brewing international flavours locally and bringing a “unique Australian twist” to its products.