Fanta Flavour Lab returns to create and promote new Fanta flavours

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd April 2014
Fanta has re-launched its 'Flavour Lab'

Soft drink brand Fanta has announced the return of its promotion, the Fanta Flavour Lab, and called on Australian teens to ‘Mix, Name and Share’ their own Fanta Flavour combinations.

Coinciding with the launch of the campaign, Fanta has also rolled out a limited edition flavour, Fanta Strawberry Kiwi, which the brand said has a “tangy” taste.

“Building on last year’s successful campaign, we’ve brought the Fanta Flavour Lab back to give Aussie teens the chance to mix up the fun all over again — this time adding a new tangy flavour Fanta Strawberry Kiwi to the mix and refreshed mixing games on our Fanta Flavour Lab app,” said Delia Maloney, Fanta Marketing Manager.

“The Fanta Flavour Lab is all about encouraging self-expression, getting Aussie teens to try our Fanta flavours, mix them together to make their own favourite mixes,” Ms Maloney said.

Consumers can download the Fanta Flavour Lab mobile phone app, and use it to play a range of mixing inspired games, earn Fanta ‘tokens’ and compete for prizes, including Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita packages.

Consumers can play or download the Fanta Flavour Lab app at the Fanta Australia Facebook page, Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The limited edition Fanta Strawberry Kiwi joins Orange, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Grape, Creaming Soda and Lemon in the Fanta flavour range.