NSW distiller launches coffee liqueur Australia-wide

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th May 2014
Mr Black coffee liqueur is now available across Australia

A Sydney-based startup distiller Mr Black has launched a new coffee liqueur by the same name, which it says will “bring coffee culture back to the nightlife scene”.

Mr Black is the brainchild of Phillip Moore and Tom Baker, who used crowd-funding website ‘Pozible’ to turn their for a coffee liqueur into a reality in 2012.

The team at Mr Black took more than six months, 300 iterations and blending coffee from three continents to develop a cold drip coffee liqueur that tasted as good as they wanted it to.

“In Australia we’re serious about our booze and specialty coffee, so the idea was to combine two much loved slices of contemporary culture into one cracking drink,” said Tom Baker, Mr Black founder.  “Mr Black is the dark side of coffee: your morning hit with a naughty nocturnal twist. Australia is home to some of the world’s best coffee, so it was about time we had a world-class coffee liqueur to match,” he said.

The distiller said Mr Black was best enjoyed served over ice, but that it could also be used to make an Espresso Martini and for classic coffee cocktails. The Company said Mr Black could be mixed with other spirits such as of rum, tequila and Absinthe, and is “made from 100 per cent Australian grain spirit”.

Tom Baker, the Director and Co-founder of Mr Black, is a designer by trade, and has worked on many of the world’s largest alcohol brands for Diageo, CUB, Beam and Pernod Ricard. Philip Moore, the Head Distiller and Co-founder of Mr Black, has run Distillery Botanica in Erina on the Central Coadt of New South Wales for the last seven years.

Previously only available at selected cocktail bars and bottle shops in Melbourne and Sydney, Mr Black is now sold nationwide.