Fresh Produce Safety Centre Limited launched in Sydney

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th June 2014
The Fresh Produce Safety Centre has launched in Sydney

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Limited, a joint project of the University of Sydney and the Produce Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand (PMAANZ), has launched in Sydney.

The Centre’s goals are to:

  • Call for and manage food safety research projects that are highly relevant to industry

  • Provide food safety information, news, education and outreach to the industry

  • Engage with regulatory and other organisations for effective and efficient food safety management leading to enhanced food safety outcomes.

The Centre’s Board of Directors said they looked forward to working with all sectors of the fresh produce supply chain, including growers, input suppliers, processors, packers, transport, wholesalers/agents, retailers, through to peak industry bodies, quality assurance, compliance and training organisations, researchers and research institutions, extension and outreach personnel and others.

“The Fresh Produce Safety Centre has been established to address an important gap in our industry: to promote research, outreach and education on fresh produce safety throughout Australia and New Zealand,” the Board’s Directors said.

The Centre’s Board of Directors said it would not be able to achieve its aims if it did not have the support of industry. Twenty organisations throughout the Australian and New Zealand fresh produce value chains and associated sectors have financially backing the Centre’s establishment. The Centre has also been supported by Horticulture Australia Limited and the Australian Government.

The Centre, which is hosted by the University of Sydney, was registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in May 2014.

“The University of Sydney is delighted to host the new Fresh Produce Safety Centre: we see the Centre as the embodiment of the University’s desire to reach out to industry, identify research gaps and address research priorities in fresh produce safety,” said Professor Mark Adams, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Sydney.

The Centre’s founding supporters are:

  • Platinum supporters: Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd, PMA Australia-New Zealand Limited, University of Sydney, Woolworths Ltd

  • Silver supporters: Freshcare Limited, Harris Farm Markets Pty Ltd, Horticulture New Zealand, Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd, Primo Moraitis Fresh Pty Limited

  • Bronze supporters: Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA), Chamber of Fruit & Vegetable Industries in Western Australia (Inc), GS1 Australia Ltd, Kalfresh Pty Ltd, Living Foods NZ, MG Marketing Limited and LaManna Limited, Mulgowie Farming Company, OneHarvest Pty Ltd, Premier Fruits Group Pty Ltd, Sci Qual International Pty Ltd, TQA Australia

“PMA A-NZ has long recognized the gap in food safety in Australia and New Zealand: we are delighted to be supporting this truly trans-Tasman initiative,” said Michael Worthington, Director and CEO PMA A-NZ, a founding partner of the Centre.

The new Directors of the Centre elected Michael Worthington as the interim Chair of the Board.  The seven Directors of the FPSC Board are:

  • Dr Michael Butcher, Pipfruit NZ Inc. (based in NZ)

  • Ms Allison Clark, Houston’s Farm (based in Tasmania)

  • Mr Joseph Ekman, Fresh Produce Group (based in NSW)

  • Ms Belinda Hazell, Optimum Standard (based in Tasmania)

  • Dr Robyn McConchie, University of Sydney (based in NSW)

  • Ms Catherine Richardson, Zespri International (based in NZ)

  • Mr Michael Worthington, CEO PMA A-NZ (based in Victoria)