Lean Cuisine launches new range of Asian soups

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th June 2014
Lean Cuisine has launched a range of Asian soups
Lean Cuisine has launched a range of Asian soups

Ready-meal brand Lean Cuisine has launched a new Asian Soups range, which it said could be heated and ready to serve in five minutes.

Lean Cuisine’s new product range is available in four flavours – Thai Dumpling, Malaysian Chicken Laksa, Chinese Dumpling and Chinese Chicken and Sweet Corn.

Simplot Australia, which owns the Lean Cuisine brand, said the new range kept with the brand’s focus on convenience and targeted those with busy lifestyles, particularly consumers who were looking a quick lunch or light dinner option.

“We are really confident that the Lean Cuisine Asian Soups range will appeal to those with active social lives who are looking for a fast meal option this winter, but one that doesn’t compromise on taste, nutrition or quality,” said Suzanne Harman, Chief Marketing Officer at Simplot Australia.

Simplot said the Thai Dumpling, Chinese Dumpling and Malaysian Chicken Laksa Soups contain “less than 200 calories per serve” and the Chinese Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup contains “less than 250 calories per serve”.

The Lean Cuisine Asian Soups range uses traditional Asian ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, Japanese spinach, coconut, ginger, lime and meat dumplings. So plot said the Lean Cuisine Asian Soups range also “contains a full serve of vegetables” in every bowl.

  • Thai Dumpling Soup – An Asian-inspired beef broth with chilli and Thai flavours of ginger, lemongrass, lime and coriander, and beef dumplings with noodles and vegetables.
  • Malaysian Chicken Laksa – A favourite soup from Malaysia with mild curry flavours in a light chicken and coconut broth with traditional rice noodles, chicken and vegetables.
  • Chinese Dumpling Soup – A classic hot and sour soup, infused with ginger, a hint of chilli and soy with traditional pork dumplings, shiitake mushrooms, carrot and red capsicum.
  • Chinese Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup – A popular soup on most Chinese restaurant menus with sweet corn, chicken and noodles in broth with a hint of ginger, soy and spring onion.

Lean Cuisine’s new range is available in the frozen aisle at Coles, Woolworths and Independent supermarkets from 9 June 2014, RRP $5.69 for a 300g serving.