Goulburn Valley unveils new look for juice range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th July 2014
Goulburn Valley unveils new look for juice range
Goulburn Valley unveils new look for juice range

Food manufacturer Goulburn Valley has announced the rollout of a new bottle and refreshed packaging designs for its Goulburn Valley Juice and Goulburn Valley Quencher ranges.

The new pack changes to the Goulburn Valley Juice range have began to hit shelves in June 2014 with the Goulburn Valley Quencher range set to rollout in September 2014.

Goulburn Valley said its new plastic bottles utilise the blowfill manufacturing process resulting in “a lighter weight with a 25 per cent less PET, easier-to-hold bottle”.

“We’re excited to see the roll out of new bottles and designs for the Goulburn Valley Juice and Goulburn Valley Quencher ranges which offer a more sustainable and functional way to enjoy our juice products,” said Ramona Spiteri, Brand Manager for the Goulburn Valley brand.

“While new bottle and refreshed designs have begun to roll out across stores, what hasn’t changed is the same great taste that Goulburn Valley is known and loved for all over Australia,” Ms Spiteri said.

The launch of the new Goulburn Valley Juicebottle will be supported by a range of specially developed point-of-sale items including trade presenters, A3 posters, shelf strips and fridge stickers to educate customers and consumers about the pack refresh. The Goulburn Valley Quencher range will additionally be supported by fridge stickers.

The introduction of the new blowfill bottle will see the Goulburn Valley Quencher pack size change from a 420mL pack size to 350mL, which Goulburn Valley said will offer consumers a more affordable size at point of purchase.

Goulburn Valley Juice is a range of fruit juice flavours – available in 350mL PET in Orange, Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant and Tropical flavours.

Goulburn Valley Quencher is a delicious blend of fruit juice and spring water. The Company said it “contains no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours”. Goulburn Valley Quencher is available in Blood Orange & Passionfruit, Lemon and Mixed Berry.