At-home get-togethers boost savoury snack consumption in the UK, Canadean

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 23rd July 2014
At-home get-togethers boost savoury snack consumption in the UK, Canadean
At-home get-togethers boost savoury snack consumption in the UK, Canadean

Consumers’ desire for indulgence is the leading consumption motivator in the UK savory snacks market, driving over US$1.1 billion of sales in 2013, according to a new report by market research organisation Canadean.

This burgeoning demand to enjoy new flavours and a tendency to eat out or entertain at home are key factors influencing the growing savoury snack consumption in the UK.

Despite economic recovery in the UK, a significant number of consumers are opting to eat out less and entertain more at home, according to Canadean. As a result, the role of snacks in get-togethers such as watching sports and movies with friends, or throwing house parties has lead to an increased demand for savoury snack consumption.

In addition, with the products being relatively low cost, savoury snacks were an easy and affordable treat to offer friends and family at home. Canadean said Tags crisps brand was an example of a product that fit this description. Tags crisps produce 125g sharing bags of hand cooked potato chips, targeting consumers looking for a product to share with friends at social occasions, as well as six 25g multipacks.

Consumers will demand new snack experiences

As more UK consumers are seeking ways in which they can fulfil their snacking desires and achieve the “feel good” this can create, brands should seek innovative solutions for their snacks to stand out, according to Canadean.

For example, product development and innovation in the form of textures – such as ‘extra crispy’ and ‘extra crunchy’ -as well as authentic flavours, can be used to attract consumers.

“In order to stand out from the crowd, brands will have to develop new strategies to maintain growing consumer demand,” said Catherine O’Connor, senior analyst at Canadean. “We already can predict that using novel, fun shapes and sizes will raise consumer interest, especially among younger consumers,” she said.

“Additionally, it would be a good idea for manufacturers to align with special events via customised and limited edition products designed for get-togethers during certain occasions,” Ms O’Connor said.

Brands shared with friends can “leverage an emotional connection”

By providing products to enjoy at social occasions, Canadean said marketers could build an “emotional connection” between consumers and their products, as snack brands become part of how consumers interact with friends and family. Additionally, brands positioned around emotion will enable marketers to adopt more flexible and creative promotional strategies.

“Snacks that project positive feelings will attract consumers who snack for emotional rather than hunger needs, as they associate their favourite snacks with happy times and relaxation,” Ms O’Connor said.