FoodLegal Symposium: Breakthroughs in making and marketing healthier products

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th July 2014
FoodLegal Symposium: Breakthroughs in making and marketing healthier products

Answers to big questions about making and marketing foods as “healthier”

What do you need to know about the Health Star rating system and do the calculations even work properly? Where do you draw the line between a food and a therapeutic product? When do health claims run the risk of being illegal therapeutic claims? What new opportunities exist for special purpose medical foods? What trends are food companies showing from recent trademark and patent applications? Many other hot issues answered.

The FoodLegal Symposium, co-sponsored by Monash University and Australian Food News is being held in the Melbourne CBD on Monday 11 August.

Discussing how to best design and market healthy products, the FoodLegal Symposium will answer the above questions and provide you with insight into breakthroughs in food science and food marketing and the regulatory avenues and opportunities available to use for your products. Designed to provide your food products with a competitive edge, the Symposium brings together a range of experts from Monash University, FoodLegal, Neptune Bio-Innovation, the ACCC and more.

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Special offers

The FoodLegal Symposium is now offering 2 special offers:

‘Non-profit organisation or healthcare professional’ deal

With Monash University as a co-sponsor of the FoodLegal Symposium, we are offering a special discount for non-profit organisations and healthcare professionals at the special price of $395 (save $30)

‘Bring a friend’ deal

The FoodLegal Symposium will provide a lot of information that will help your organisation. To maximise the benefits we are offering you a ‘bring a friend’ deal. You save $100 on the price of two standard tickets when two people attend instead of one.

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