Australian Brewery launches in Malaysia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th August 2014
Australian Brewery launches in Malaysia
Australian Brewery launches in Malaysia

Australian craft brewery, The Australian Brewery, has added Malaysia to its growing list of international distribution locations.

Having signed contracts to supply to Japan in June and India late in 2013, the iconic craft operation, which is based in Sydney, is continuing to expand in the global market.

The deal will see the Australian Brewery’s canned craft beers arrive in Malaysia in September 2014, initially being provided in Taps Beer Bar, one of Malaysia’s first craft beer bars in Kuala Lumpur. The bar, which opened in 2012 is run by two Australian brothers. The Australian Brewery, which is based in Western Sydney, said it has plans to sell the beer around the country.

Malaysian growing interest in craft beer

Malaysia – a country not typically known for their beer – has had an expanding beer culture over the past 5 years, according to The Australian Brewery, with more and more craft beer bars opening and international craft beers having an impact on the market. There are no craft beer producers in the country, opening the market for mid-sized Western producers like the Australian Brewery to help develop the culture of craft beer.

Neal Cameron, Head Brewer for the Australian Brewery, said the export market is looking for Australian breweries willing to have a go.

“We are noticing a real shift in people seeking craft beer both here in Australia and overseas,” Mr Neal said.

“This is a good sign for Australian craft brewers looking to expand into these overseas markets.  Some of us have already dabbled in America, Europe and Asia, with companies such as Coopers, James Squires and others making the shift,” Mr Neal said.

Malaysia has a ‘diverse taste palette’

With craft beer being a relatively new introduction to Malaysia, The Australian Brewery said the drinking pallet was especially diverse, with a huge range of flavour profiles coming into play. According to various importers, the locals enjoy big flavours, from hoppy ales to pale ales.

With a range of beers crafted around the international flavours and styles, the Australian Brewery said it has put its own “twist” on each one to give them a “classic Australian taste”.

“We’ve had success at a number of international trade shows, and each country represents an entirely new audience,” Mr Neal said. “We are always interested to see how international audiences respond to our taste in craft beer. With Malaysia’s relatively ‘fresh’ palates, we think that we can teach them something new about craft beer,” he said.

The Pale Ale and Pilsner will be available at Taps Beer Bar and other locations in Malaysia in cans and kegs as of September 2014.