Suncoast Gold launches Macadamia Milk range in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th November 2014
Suncoast Gold launches Macadamia Milk range in Australia
Suncoast Gold launches Macadamia Milk range in Australia

Macadamia nut product producer Patons Macadamia has launched its own range of Macadamia Milk under the Suncoast Gold brand.

The Macadamia Milk comes in two flavours: Original and Unsweetened. The Suncoast Gold brand also has a range of Macadamia products from flavoured macadamias to macadamia oil.

According to findings from market research organisation IBISWorld, Australia is the world’s largest macadamia nut producer, with the climate in northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland an ideal place to grow the nut.

“Macadamia Milk is a tasty, lactose free and gluten free, non-dairy drink alternative containing all the great health benefits that macadamias offer,” said Tim Jarman, Head of Sales & Marketing from Patons.

“People are learning more about the health benefits of various nut milks, which is driving the growth of non-dairy alternatives beyond soy such as with almond and hemp milk,” Mr Jarman said. “We’ve responded by launching our very own range and we’ve already seen considerable interest from retailers in Australia and overseas,” he said.

Tess Masters, of popular health blog, The Blender Girl, said macadamias have nutrient rich properties.

“Research has shown that macadamias contain antioxidants like manganese, vitamin E and zinc, which work to neutralise free radicals, which reduces the damage to our cells,” Ms Masters said. “Macadamia milk is not only a really healthy milk choice, it’s unbelievably delicious,” she said.

Paton’s have been creating premium Australian macadamia products since the Company’s founder Craig Paton Snr started growing macadamia trees in 1975. Over 38 years Paton’s have grown to become the world’s leading integrated macadamia company. The Company has the largest range of chocolate covered macadamia products on the market, which are now available in duty free and domestic markets in over 40 countries.

In 2010, the Dymocks Group took over the Paton’s business and the Suncoast Gold dry roasted and flavoured macadamias brand. Suncoast Gold was added to the business to compliment the ‘sweet’ macadamia part of the business with a delicious ‘savoury’ macadamia offer.

The Macadamia Nut Milk range is available from November 2014 at independent IGA supermarkets and natural food stores for RRP $4.69. It will be available at selected Woolworths stores from early 2015.