Nudie launches new juice and soda product range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th January 2015
Nudie launches new juice and soda product range
Nudie launches new juice and soda product range

Australian juice manufacturer Nudie has launched a juice and soda range in Australia, made from 50 per cent ‘real fruit juice’ (not from concentrate).

Nudie said the nudie & soda range “contains no preservatives, colours, artificial flavours” and “no sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and phosphoric acid”. The Company said the range is made “using 50 per cent real fruit, 47.5 per cent water and less than 2.5 per cent ‘added sugar’, and natural flavours”.

The nudie & soda comes in five flavour combinations in a 330mL and 200mL format:

  • apple & more apple
  • coconut water, apple, raspberry & cranberry
  • orange, mango & passionfruit
  • apple, lemon & ginger (330mL only)
  • apple, cucumber & kiwifruit (330mL only)

Interactive vending machine campaign launches product

To celebrate the launch of nudie & soda, nudie created an interactive vending machine to sample the product.

The machine aimed to highlight what nudie said was the new product range’s “point of difference” — that the product is made with 50 per cent real fruit. People were asked a series of quirky 50/50 questions such as ‘do 50 per cent of people want what you’re about to get now (answer: no, 100 per cent do).’ People were invited to challenge the vending machine and if they answered at least two questions correctly they received a free can of nudie & soda.

The Company also brought actors and brand ambassador Tim Dormer on board in a video documentary project that was filmed by six hidden cameras.

“We received such positive feedback from everyone who was involved. Staying true to our nudie values, we created fun, excitement and laughter when people least expected it,” said says Carlie Platts, nudie marketing spokesperson.

The campaign was a different direction for Tim Dormer, Big Brother 2013 winner and media personality, but was something that he really enjoyed.

“This suited me perfectly. I don’t take myself too seriously and neither do nudie,” Mr Dormer said. “We had so much fun filming and I think the end result really shows this,” he said.

The nudie & soda range is available from Coles supermarkets and other select outlets.