Funch launches ‘healthy and convenient’ pre-mixes for making snack foods at home

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th January 2015
Funch launches ‘healthy and convenient’ pre-mixes for making snack foods at home
Funch launches ‘healthy and convenient’ pre-mixes for making snack foods at home

Melbourne-based snack manufacturer Funch has launched a range of snack food pre-mixes in Australia, which it says is part of the “next generation of snack foods” that appeal to consumers wanting to eat healthily.

The pre-mix Make At Home Superfood Snacks range uses a similar concept to cake-mixes, providing a pre-mix along with a recipe for consumers to make the final product at home. The range includes a pre-mix pack for Super Food Snack Bars and Protein Power Balls.

Funch said the Make-At-Home component for each product was “really quick and simple”. The recipes each require the addition of two wet ingredients and to follow the step-by-step instructions detailed on the packet. With no nuts, Funch said both its products are suitable for school lunchboxes with ‘no nut’ policies.

The Snack Bar is a muesli style bar with a base of rolled oats and puffed rice, along with “superfoods” including chia seeds, pepitas, dark chocolate and coconut.

The Protein Power Balls includes a mix of chia seeds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, cacao, coconut and oats.

Funch’s Founders Tanya Duncan and Lisa Bourne, both “committed healthy living advocates”, said they saw a great opportunity to develop their product range to specifically service the emerging ‘convenient health food’ space.

“With healthy living and wholesome, organic food choices moving into the mainstream, the space on the shelves for products that are both convenient and healthy has opened up dramatically,” Ms Duncan said.

“Traditionally healthy snacks didn’t extend much past fruit, vegetables, nuts or something that is home-made from scratch,” Ms Duncan said. “Funch is bridging the gap between health and convenience by offering consumers a great level of variety whilst supporting their choice for healthy eating,” she said.

Ms Bourne said the recipes included on the pack were “tried and tested so even someone with little experience with food can easily put these products together”.

“Plenty of people also include their own ‘twist’, adding the ingredients that they and their families prefer,” Ms Bourne said.

The Funch range is available online at the Company’s website, and in select independent and gourmet grocery stores in Victoria.