SweetLife launches gluten-free baking mixes

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th January 2015
SweetLife launches gluten-free baking mixes
SweetLife launches gluten-free baking mixes

Australian small food manufacturer SweetLife has launched a range of baking mixes, called Perfect Sweet Bake Mixes, that the Company said are “gluten, grain and flour free”.

The range, available in two varieties — Classic and Chocolate — contain almond meal, sugar-free sweetener Xylitol, as well as whey protein and psyllium, which SweetLife said were for “extra fibre and protein”. SweetLife said the mixes are “low carb, low GI< free from grain and flour”, and that the Classic Mix is “98 per cent sugar free”.

The Classic Mix can be used to make lamingtons, cupcakes, and cookies, while the Chocolate mix can be used to make brownies, cupcakes and cookies.

SweetLife was founded in 2002, after founder Carolyn Hartz was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and gluten intolerance and went looking for alternatives to sugar. Ms Hartz introduced a range of products sweetened with Xylitol.

A sweet, crystalline sugar-free substitute, which occurs naturally in fibrous fruit and vegetables including corn cobs and the woody fibres of birch trees, Xylitol has a low glycemic index of 7. SweetLife said Xylitol has “less calories and carbs than sugar and is gluten and GMO free”.

“I was excited when I found Xylitol and I could use it in cooking, baking, tea and coffee,” Ms Hartz said. “It is a delicious, natural sweetener which can help you cut back on sugar and also maintain your weight loss and help manage diabetes,” she said.

For the Perfect Sweet Baking Mixes, Ms Hartz found a “gluten, grain and flour free bake-mix” alternative to use in baking and decided to acquire the patent for Australia.

“My cake and dessert recipes have no added sugar, more protein and more fibre and don’t spike blood sugar levels,” Ms Hartz said. “There’s no guilt and no cravings – just delicious satisfaction. My Perfect Sweet Bake Mixes are completely flour free and low carb. They’re an ideal choice if you’re quitting sugar, weight and health conscious or have certain food intolerances,” she said.

The Perfect Sweet Bake Mixes are available from health food stores, selected independent supermarkets and online www.sweetlife.com.au – RRP $8.95 per box for each variety.