Karma Wellness Water ‘vitamin water’ launches in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th March 2015
Karma Wellness Water ‘vitamin water’ launches in Australia
Karma Wellness Water ‘vitamin water’ launches in Australia

Beverage company Karma Wellness Water has launched a new kind of ‘vitamin water’ into the Australian market, using its ‘KarmaCap’ technology.

The Company said its KarmaCap stores formulated powdered vitamins and nutrients for consumers to enjoy “fresh upon consumption”. Karma Wellness Water said the KarmaCap was already popular in US and Canada, and is launching in Australia in March 2015.

The KarmaCap ‘vitamin water’ range includes:

  • Orange Mango “Sharper Thinking”
  • Acai Pomberry “Immunity Booster”
  • Passionfruit & Green Tea “Mood Elevation”

Developed to ‘increase vitamin content’

Karma Wellness Water said its research showed that “only 40 per cent of vitamins are absorbed from a multivitamin pill, whereas 90 per cent to 95 per cent of vitamins are consumed when dissolved in liquid”. The Company said another common issue found in pre-mixed vitamin drinks was the “deterioration of vitamins over time as they are water-soluble”, and the degradation of vitamins as “they are exposed to UV rays, oxygen and/or heat”.

The Company said its KarmaCap technology was developed to address these issues. The cap stores the formulated powdered vitamin and nutrient mix. It is made of polypropylene and uses an airtight seal between the cap and base, which the Company said was “to maximise freshness, quality and performance”. The cap is also designed with UV protection to “guard its contents from exposure to light”.

Consumers peel the seal, push down the KarmaCap to release the vitamin mix and shake the bottle to gently mix the drink.

Vitamin content

Karma Wellness Water said its ‘vitamin water’ contains “many essential daily nutrients, minerals and vitamins, including B3, B6, B12, Niacin, Vitamins C, E, A and D”. The product range is sweetened with a blend of stevia and sugar cane. The Company said each 600mL bottle is “low in sodium and is free of any preservatives”.

“We’re excited to be launching Karma Wellness Water in Australia,” said John Marshal, General Manager of HGC Brands, the manufacturer of the Karma Wellness Water drinks. “It is the perfect fit for those who are active and always on the go. The drink replenishes thirst in a tasty way, while also keeping the health-conscious consumer in mind with its vitamins and minerals,” he said.

“With such great feedback from consumers in the US and Canada and through our trials in Australia, there is no doubt that Australians will love this new range too,” Mr Marshall said.

Karma Wellness Water is available at cafes, convenience stores, pharmacies and in other specialist venues. RRP $4.45 for 600mL bottle.