SumoSalad creates concept shop for a ethical local food consumer demographic

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 7th April 2015
SumoSalad creates concept shop for a ethical local food consumer demographic
SumoSalad creates concept shop for a ethical local food consumer demographic

Australian salad bar group SumoSalad has opened the doors to its first ‘Green Label’ concept store.

SumoSalad has grown quickly into a successful Australian QSR operation and is looking for further expansion.

SumoSalad Green Label seems like to appeal to those consumers who have strong ethical beliefs about the source of their foods. The concept store will focus on the provenance of its ingredients, using seasonal produce, local suppliers and products made in Australia. SumoSalad said the Green Label store has partnered with leaders in the food industry to provide consumers new offerings such as breakfast jars, cold pressed juice and charcoal meats.

Situated in the recently renovated MLC food court in Sydney’s CBD, SumoSalad said its Green Label store “is the first of its kind”. Born from the manifesto, Food with Purpose, the Company said the store takes a “holistic approach to healthy food and how it is sourced, produced and sold in store”.

“Food with Purpose is all about seasonality, localisation and education,” said Luke Baylis, CEO and Co-Founder of SumoSalad. “Green Label sources all its produce ethically, using local suppliers and Australian made products. We have collaborated with well-known leaders in the food industry including Chobani, Riverina, Tassal and Inside Out just to name a few,” he said.

“This new concept store is where we will experiment with new foods and different cooking techniques, ensuring we remain the leaders in healthy and nutritious food offerings,” Mr Baylis said.

In-store Chobani Yogurt bar

In an Australian first, the Green Label store is also be home to a Chobani Yogurt bar. “We have collaborated with SumoSalad to bring consumers crazy delicious yogurt,” said Peter Meek, Managing Director of Chobani. “We craft our yogurt with an authentic straining process, using three cups of Australian milk to make just one cup of heavenly yogurt. Made without preservatives, artificial colours and flavours,” he said.

Juices and almond milk on offer

SumoSalad has also teamed up with Inside Out Nutritious Goods, to offer cold pressed almond milk in a variety of flavours.

SumoSalad said the Inside Out products “are 100 per cent natural, cold pressed, cold pasteurised, free from additives, emulsifiers, artificial flavours and colours”. This will be in addition to SumoSalad’s own cold press juicery, offering homemade juice recipes and health tonics such as hydrating coconut, lime and chia.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner options available

The store will serve SumoSalad’s favourite lunchtime salads, but also expand its existing menu to include breakfast and dinner options.

SumoSalad said Riverina Farms, Tassal and Australian farmers have jumped on board providing “sustainable and ethical meats and fish”.

The Company said the store also housed a “live kale farm”, where leafy green vegetable will be picked fresh daily and used in meals.

SumoSalad Green Label is a corporate store.