Advancement in process reliability for sorting shrimps in the fish industry

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th May 2015

Bestech shrimps 11A previously manually adjustable sorting machine for shrimps has been retrofitted with an inductive displacement sensor. The process reliability of the machine was increased significantly using Model LVP-50-GA-2-CA-I sensor available from Bestech Australia. In the machine, shrimps are passed by a conveyor belt into a container.

The container shakes the shrimps through two rolls. The separation of the rolls determines the size of the shrimps falling through. The adjustment of the rolls is measured by an inductive distance sensor of the series LVP. The output is provided by a digital display which indicates the roll gap in mm. The roll separation is approximately 20 mm initially and enlarges to 40 mm, i.e. the sorting is carried out from small through to large. This inductive transmitter enables a simple control of the roll gap and provides measurement display (in mm).

A special version of the stainless steel housing LVP and cable output providing high level protection are used instead of the standard aluminium housing and the plug connector for the food industry. This special design also withstands the aggressive cleaning agents used in the foodstuffs industry. 

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