New TempReport software now available

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st July 2015

MainScreenAlarms (00000002)‘TempReport’ is the new software for the new wireless data loggers. No longer do data loggers need to be collected to be read and then brought back with the files showing only historic data. Instead, the software is an active temperature monitoring system, transmitting directly from wireless T-TEC Data loggers to the PC. This can be useful in trucks, so that the system downloads the records from the data logger in the back of the truck, when it has returned to the yard at the end of the day.


The files are safely stored in the data loggers (over 100,000measurements) as well as in a database on the PC. Files may also be stored in the cloud, with access from anywhere. TempReport is secure; signals may be encrypted, so that only the owner company can receive messages. Alarms, either high or low, can be set in the loggers with grace periods. Once triggered, they can be sent via email as well as SMS, and a notification ‘bubble’ will appear on the computer.


The wireless T-TEC Data loggers are watertight, sturdy and reliable.

They are available in many models with temperature ranges from -200 to

+400ºC, 0-100% RH or 4-20mA. They have transmission capability of up to

350m in free air. Internal or external antenna


Temperature Technology

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