‘Be Natural’ into new snacks with fava beans and chickpeas

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th July 2015

Be NaturalKellogg’s-owned ‘Be Natural’ brand has launched a new range of savoury and sweet snacks in Australia attracting customers with taste buds for Asian and Middle Eastern flavours.

Savoury range

The two new ‘Savoury Snacks’ are dry-roasted beans coated in flavouring. One is dry-roasted fava beans covered in herbs and spices to create a Thai Sweet Chilli taste. The other is dry- roasted chickpeas covered in Moroccan spices.

Both beans are roasted using hot air and are lightly covered in sunflower oil before the flavourings is added. The new snacks are gluten-free, nut-free, low in saturated-fat and are described as being a source of protein. Each flavours come in individual portion-controlled sizes.

Sweet taste buds

At the same time, Be Natural has also introduced two new sweet snacks called ‘Mini Bites’.

Mini Bites combine whole grain cereals with dark chocolate, nuts and fruit. The first available flavour is dark chocolate with sultanas, dates, almonds and peanuts. The second flavour is a dark chocolate and berry mix of cranberries, strawberries and cranberries, a variety of nuts is also included.

The new products will join a variety of other Be Natural snacks already available in Australian supermarkets including a wide range of muesli bars. Be Natural is also  a producer of a number of different cereals and porridge.

Be Natural’s new snacks are available now at Woolworths supermarkets with Mini Bites retailing at $4.99 for a 120 gram packet and the Savoury Snacks retailing at $4.99 for a 110 gram packet.