Coca-Cola launches new nutritional comparison tool

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 27th July 2015

Coca-Cola_Logo_ScriptCoca-Cola South Pacific has launched a new online nutrition comparison tool, enabling consumers to compare different products from Coca Cola’s product range.

The tool shows a comparison between ingredients, nutrition and kilojoules or calories contained in any two Coca-Cola brand beverages.

More than 80 Coca-Cola products sold in Australia are featured in the tool, including Coca-Cola’s soft drink, juice, water and milk-based beverages ranges. The tool considers the general nutrient content of each product as well as percentage daily intake and recommended daily intake values. Users are able to select the serving size of each product they wish to compare.

The tool is accessible on mobile and tablet platforms and through the “Coca-Cola Journey” website.

Coca-Cola announced the new tool not long after a recent decision by the Australian ABA criticising a campaign by Coca Cola’s Fanta in relation to advertising aimed at children.

Coca-Cola is also looking to promote its Reb M sweetened ‘Coke Life’ range with a new emphasis on the healthier aspect of less sugar in its soft drink range