‘Most innovative’ award-winning CJ400 heavy on benefits

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th August 2015

Cutting costs while being environmentally mindful is a winning combination. And in a continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) it’s even better.

The Linx CJ400 from Matthews uses up to 40% less ink and 33% less solvent. The UK’s Processing & Packaging Machinery Association thought those benefits, on top of its true DIY serviceability made it a winner in the “Most Innovative Processing or Packaging Machine” category.

Here’s how else this primary and secondary coder can save you even more.2 Linx CJ400 Matthews


The CJ400 can print characters from 2mm-20mm high, so manufacturers can use the one printer for both product and carton printing — thus reducing costs.

The compact coder is also very easy to use, highly portability and quick, all of which ideally suit it to flexible production lines, as well as smaller and remote FMCG and industrial users.

The CJ400 has several innovations that benefit users: Easi-Change® Service Module, up to three-month print-head cleaning intervals, reduced ink and solvent use, ergonomic design that moves easily between production lines, capacity to store settings for different lines, one-step set-up, simple message creation and editing, and fluid identification for mistake-proof refills.

Secondary coding option

The Linx CJ400 prints up to three lines of information such as lot codes, dates, times, text, symbols and other data onto almost any porous or non-porous surface. (While three lines is standard, using a special print-head, the CJ400 can print four to five lines, font size dependent.)

The Linx prints onto products as they move on the production line, without contact. The printed code can quickly be changed — without lengthy set-up procedures.

Reduced maintenance costs

The Easi-Change® Service Module can be changed in minutes using on-screen prompts. This means scheduled maintenance is easily completed without the need for a trained technician or costly service calls, which is a major advantage for smaller customers or those in remote regions.

Further self-maintenance features include on-screen trouble shooting, which can solve most operating issues without having to consult manuals or engineers.

The Easi-Change® Service Module is designed so that all relevant serviceable parts are housed in an easily removable box, with no wires or pipes to disconnect and reconnect, and no need to expose other critical printer components during servicing, unlike other technologies on the market today. Neither are there any electronic components to replace when the module is changed, reducing cost and waste.

Extended print-head cleaning intervals (typically three months) further enhance the low maintenance. This is a huge reduction in cleaning costs and downtime compared with other print-heads (some of which must be cleaned daily). The Linx CJ400’s unique autoflush process means there is no need for printer or conduit flushing for shutdowns of up to four weeks, so fluids aren’t wasted and start-up is trouble-free after extended shutdown periods.

Reduced running costs

Other cost savings come from the superior print-head design, which saves up to 40% ink usage compared with other CIJ printers. Solvent consumption is also reduced by up to 33%.

With the cleanest, most economical print-head, the Linx CJ400 delivers increased production uptime.

Portability over production lines

Many companies need flexible production to accommodate changing product lines and demand. Having a printer that’s quickly and easily moved around the factory can increase productivity and reduce coding costs. The Linx CJ400’s unique, compact design weighs only 13.5kg complete with fluids, making it the lightest CIJ printer on the market. It is ergonomically designed to be well within health and safety limits for pick-up by one person.

The coder’s capability to store settings for up to four production lines and 1,000 typical messages (which can be selected in seconds) enhance its ability to quickly move between lines.

Users can begin coding straight away: the easy-to-use colour touchscreen, with simple prompts, means one-step set-up. The same system offers step-by-step message creation and editing without needing any complicated manuals or training.

Matthews specialises in product identification, machine vision and integrated software solutions to deliver business efficiencies, cost savings and production intelligence via automation, quality and control.

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