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Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st June 2016

TSE6086b_open_webLeak testing helps ensure the integrity of product packaging. Various testing methods can be used including vacuum decay and immersion testing. These methods are designed to detect flexible packaging integrity problems, including large and small leaks caused bycracked and rolled seals or other package defects. set up leak testing procedure for medical products, food products and pharmaceutical products, companies can meet the quality standards of regulatory agencies, as well as, their own internal quality control standards.

Australian Standards for Medical Devices

Medical devices are quite different from other mass produced products because they must meet the strict standards set forth by the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, which is enforced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. As a result, medical device manufacturers must undergo additional approval and validation processes.

Medical devices often have fluid management functions and could cause severe injury to patients if the fluid content isn’t properly sealed or there is a complete or partial blockage of medical devices. As a result, leak testing for pouches is an essential method for quality control that has be integrated into the production process by all medical device companies.

Avoid Recalls with Leak Testing

Using leak testing equipment ensures that the dry-filled pouches, stick packs and sachets of food, pharmaceutical and medical products are properly sealed to prevent premature expiration or contamination of the deliveringcontents. Packaging issues are a common cause of recalls for companies and can lead to costly lawsuits and regulatory action if the defective products reach consumers. As a result, more companies are considering cost-effective methods for quality control, such as SealTick’s non-destructive package testing.

Sealtick® Non-destructive Package Testing Saves Money

A full range of leak testers are available from Sealtick. Non-destructive package testing is one of the key features of many of Sealtick’s leak detection systems. With the Sealtick TSE Series, leak testing is performed to test a variety of medical products, including blood bags, medical bandages, syringes, map packs, and cans. The Sealtick TSE leak detectors are also suitable for use with pharmaceuticals and food product packages.

Using non-destructive package testing equipment, such as the TSE6081b Flexible Package Integrity Tester, can decrease the amount of waste that package testing typically causes. As a result, the costs of quality control are also lowered for the business.

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