Boss reveals key factors to FIJI Water success

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th October 2015

Fuji WaterHow do you make money from selling something which is often free and readily available to the consumer?

If anyone would know it is Australia’s bottled-water producers. According to the Australiasian Bottled Water Institute, the industry is currently worth $500 million annually.

Trying to take a slice of the market is Wai Mei Lee, Managing Director at FIJI Water for Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

“Market conditions for the premium water category are really solid and robust at the moment,” Lee tells Australian Food News.

“Over the last three years we’ve experienced growth in the premium water category and we’ve seen particular growth in the purchase of FIJI Water 1 litre bottle, while the 330ml & 500ml bottles continue to be popular.We’re thrilled to say we’ve seen double-digit growth in Australia annually and we attribute this growth to the market conditions and consumers recognising the quality of the product.”

But how does Lee and FIJI Water plan to keep these sales up in such a highly competitive market?

“There are a number of key players in the premium water category but FIJI Water is truly unique and stands out for a number of reasons,” says Lee.

“The most important distinction is the quality of the product – we truly believe that FIJI Water’s product superiority sets it apart from all other premium bottled waters. Our consumers like the best of the best, and the fact that our water is from a remote island of Fiji that filters through volcanic rocks which are hundreds of years old, has strong appeal amongst our target consumers.”

Iconic packaging

Packaging and product appearance is also the key to a consumers’ heart says Lee.

“Packaging and appearance are extremely important to our brand and premium positioning,” she says.

“The visually arresting FIJI Water bottle is iconic in its square shape, blue bottle cap and beautiful aesthetics. The look of the bottle is inspired by the islands of Fiji and showcases the beauty of the product; the signature pink hibiscus flower ‘pops’ to grab consumers’ attention and the blue is reflective of Fiji’s azure waters.”

Utalising social media

FIJI Water’s packaging has been a winner for the company amongst young, social media users who Lee says like to share images of the bottle online.

“In particular, we have noticed growth in the premium category with many choosing to share their bottled water choice through their social media channels,” she says.

“The iconic FIJI Water bottle is visually appealing and popular amongst celebrities, including health, wellness, fitness and fashion experts.”

The future of FIJI Water in Australia

“Judging on the growth we’ve experienced in the last three years and today’s robust market conditions, we forecast continued double-digit growth in the Australian market,” says Lee.

“As growth continues, we will continue to invest to ensure the brands continued success in the market. We intend to continue our communication with Australian consumers, educating them about the brand and what differentiates it from other bottled waters. As we head into the backend of 2015, we have a number of marketing initiatives underway, including national TV and major event partnerships, ongoing influencer engagements and continued social media activity. We hope that soon more Australian consumers will make FIJI Water their bottled water of choice.”