The global success of Arnott’s Tim Tams

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd November 2015

Ranked the world’s most popular biscuit per capita, there is no denying the success of Arnott’s Tim Tam biscuit.


From a highly popular cheese flavour in Indonesia to recently breaking into the US market, what is the story behind the success of the humble chocolate biscuit?




The Tim Tam was invented by an Australian man named Ian Norris. Whilst in Britain in the 1950’s he came across the ‘Penguin Biscuit’ which is a chocolate-covered biscuit with chocolate cream manufactured by United Biscuits.


Inspired by the Penguin Biscuit, Norris wanted to make “a better one” and by, 1964 Tim Tams were being manufactured by Arnott’s in Australia and  quickly gained popularity. The biscuits were named after a horse by the same name which had won the 1958 Kentucky Derby.


The biscuit is currently owned by the US’s Campbell Soup Company which brought out Arnott’s in 2011. The actual on-going product development for Tim tams is still Australian-based.




In recent years, the appetite for new  Tim Tam varieties has boomed. Starting with variations like dark chocolate, mint and white chocolate, Arnott’s has since gone on to become even more adventurous in its flavouring.


In 2014 the brand enlisted celebrity chef Adriano Zumbo in order to release flavours such as Red Velvet, Coconut Cream, Salted Caramel and Choc Brownie.






Campbell Soup Company previously launched Tim Tam’s in the US but did not find initial success. A new attempt at the start of 2016 has however been very successful and grabbed media attention.


Campbell Soup Company now appears to be is taking advantage of its spreading fame and it is confident that a potential placement in Walmart will take the brand nation-wide. 




Arnott’s has had enormous success in Indonesia with a cheese-flavoured variety made exclusively for Indonesia.




Tim Tams have been sold in Israel for several years now after being discovered by Israeli backpackers a decade ago. The popularity of the product in Israel  is especially interesting as it required the product to acquire Kosher certifications for the Israeli market.




Tim Tams are available for purchase from supermarkets within the Philippines with usually just the basic flavours available.


Tim Tam’s appear only to be available in Europe through unofficial channels with a number of websites selling the biscuits online with other Australian goods like vegemite and other Arnott’s biscuits like Shapes and Orange Slices.