Aldi using Australian Pork logo on its private label Christmas hams

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th November 2015

Aldi has become the first major Australian supermarket to used the pink Australian pork logo on it private label ‘BERG’ Christmas hams.


The supermarket has signed up to the Australian PorkMark program which helps customers identify Australian pork.


Australian Pork Limited General Manager of Marketing, Peter Haydon, said he was happy to see Aldi displaying the logo.


Aldi has also launched a sliced ham off the bone 175gram packet as part of its BERG deli range which displays the logo as part of its campaign to sell Australian ham for Christmas.


“People want to buy Australian ham and the PorkMark was designed to make it easier for them to find it,” Haydon said.


“While we have many licensees who have signed up and put this logo on their ham and bacon, ALDI is the first major supermarket to do so,” Haydon said.


According to Australian Pork 56 per cent of consumers remain unaware that ham or bacon made in Australia could be made using imported pork. The industry body further states that 69 per cent of consumers would prefer to buy ham made from Australian pork.


“Most people are shocked to learn that their ham and bacon may not be Australian,” Haydon said.


“The pink square PorkMark makes it clear a ham has been made here from Australian-grown pork.As people plan their Christmas lunch, they should look for the logo or buy a bone-in ham to guarantee it’s Australian,” stated Haydon.

Aldi BERG Deli Ham Off The Bone 175g is available in stores now.


The BERG Christmas Half Leg Ham and Quarter Portion Ham will be available in stores from 16 November 2015.