New qualifications for food industry professionals launched

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 23rd November 2015

LearnA new qualification for food industry professionals has been launched by risk management, standards compliance and information business SAI Global.


Starting in January 2016, the Diploma of Food Safety Quality Assurance Management is designed for those already working within the food industry and specialising in areas such as Food in Operations, Food Safety and Quality Assurance.


“In 2014, it was identified that 33.6 percent of Australian employers had jobs requiring vocational qualifications, and this new Diploma will help address this need for training, helping food industry professionals develop a clear career path,” said SAI Global Chief Commercial Officer Paul Butcher.


The agrifood sector (food manufacturing and grocery) represents almost 30 per cent, AUD$119 billion annually, of total manufacturing in Australia. There are 332, 000 people employed within the sector.


SAI Global says a skill shortage exists for roles including food safety auditors and quality assurance personnel in the meat and seafood industries.


It is expected that the diploma will generally take two years to achieve.