Sunny Queen launches innovative ‘Smashed Egg’ product

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th November 2015

Sunny QueenOne of Australia’s leading egg producers Sunny Queen has launched a new pre-prepared smashed egg product for use in commercial kitchens. The move is a further expansion of Sunny Queen’s food service division called “Meal Solutions” which has been selling a growing number of pre-prepared egg-based meal products since its June 2015 launch.


The smashed egg consists of already cooked boiled eggs broken into small pieces for use in sandwiches, wraps and canapes. Arriving to kitchens frozen and without any seasoning, chefs can defrost the product and use as desired.


Sunny Queen Managing Director John O’Hara said that his company decided to create the product after noticing a gap in the market.


“Our research tells us that egg sandwiches and wraps are very popular but it is too time consuming to boil and smash fresh eggs in large quantities and other available options are usually chilled and contain either citric acid or a mayonnaise,” said O’Hara.


The smashed egg is part of Sunny Queen’s Meal Solutions range for restaurants, cafes and caterers. The Meal Solutions division of Sunny Queen was launched in June 2015 after Sunny Queen opened a dedicated manufacturing facility in Carole Park, Queensland. Sunny Queen is best known for its supermarket sold eggs. The brand was established in 1969 and is owned by Australian farmers.


The Smashed Eggs option can be purchased through Sunny Queen Meal Solutions distributors BIDVest, PFD Food Services, Country Wide and NAFDA. Prices start from AUD$130.50 for ten 1kg cartons.


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